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According to the EU directive 5.3 we have to inform you that PrimeCoder uses cookies. We cannot connect an identity or specific person with the content of a cookie and we do not build profiles. The cookies are completely anonymous.

There are different purposes for using cookies, for example to keep track of your choice of language when you log in to the website, to be able to show your personal records as the last time when logged in, but also in our tracking in order to measure the effect of advertisements.

To facilitate for surfers to find out about cookies on a website, we have chosen to follow the policy for integrity that W3C (same group that sets standards for browsers) has put together, called P3P. The result is that a surfer can easily decide if cookies from a website should be accepted or not. These rules are set in your browser.

P3P is supported by all the larger browsers and you can read more about P3P on

If you want to limit or turn off the usage of cookies, change your browser settings.